The Biggest Moments in New Zealand Cricket

The Biggest Moments in New Zealand Cricket

The 1981 underarm delivery at MCG stands as one of the biggest moments in New Zealand Cricket, albeit as one of the most divisive.

Brain McKechnie from New Zealand stood at long odds to hit the 6 runs his team needed off the last ball of that match in order to gain a tie in their One Day International in Melbourne, but Greg Chappel was taking no chances. The Australian skipper informed his brother, Trevor Chappel, that he was to bowl an underarm delivery: an action which Robert Muldoon, Prime Minister for New Zealand, has labelled the “most disgusting” occurrence in cricket history.

Chappel has since then apologised repeatedly, and has expressed his regret over the incident, but this moment will go down in history as possibly the most conflict-ridden in the cricketing history between New Zealand and Australia.

The Kiwis Take Their Revenge in 1982

The Eden Park crowd of 1982, standing at 43 000, remaining a record for any cricket match in New Zealand, turned up to hiss and heckle at the Australian team in their first appearance since the underarm fiasco of 1981. The hosts managed to get up by 46 runs in the game, despite public enemy number 1, Greg Chappel, managing a fighting century.

New Zealand Stuns the Australians in 1992

In 1992, once again at Eden Park, Australia was defending their champion status, and expected to easily vanquish their New Zealand co-hosts in the opening match for the tournament. Allan Border, however, came to regret his over-confidence and lack of preparation when his team was caught with their pants down after a Martin Crowe century and 3 wickets to Gavin Larsen allowed the Kiwi team to enjoy a win of 37 runs.

The New Zealand Record Run Chase of 2007

In 2007, the Black Caps managed to get home by just 1 wicket in a thrilling final over, chasing down a 346 target thanks to McCullum’s victorious 86 and a ton by Craig McMillian. Their winning this match gave them the Chappel-Hadlee trophy, and it was the 2nd time they had managed to chase more than 330 in as many contests.

The Eden Park Beamer by Brett Lee

John Bracewell, coach for the New Zealand team, was furious after a beam ball by Brett Lea struck his Black Caps batsman, Brendon McCullum. Although Lee apologised profusely, and was later cleared of any kind of wrongdoing, the coach felt that Lee should not have been allowed to stay in the game. He stated that it was not the 1st but the 4th time that Lee had beamed a Black Cap, and while Lee apologised each time, there seemed to be too many of these for it to be chance.

A Thriller in Eden Park, Auckland, 2015

In one of the finest 50-over matches in recent years, the New Zealand team managed to prevail by just 1 wicket when Kane Williamson sent Pat Cummings over the long-on boundary for 6. The 5 wickets from Trent Boult had skittled the Australians for a measly 151, and the New Zealand team look to be on track to a win. Brendon McCullum hit a 24-ball half-century, but an extraordinary 6-wicket haul from Mitchell Starc, 4 of which were bowled, almost allowed Australia to change their fate.

The Biggest All Black Defeats

The Biggest All Black Defeats

The All Blacks, despite being one of the strongest rugby teams the world has ever seen, have suffered a number of heavy losses over the years. This article looks at the most crushing.

1: Australia 28, All Blacks 7, 1999

The All Blacks had defeated the Wallabies at Eden Park by 19 points a month before, but could rightly be said to never actually be in the match that played out in front of more than 100 000 fans at the Sydney Olympic Stadium. Although Australia managed to score just 1 try, thanks to Mark Conners, Matt Burke kicked 7 penalties and a conversion, tallying 23 points.

2: South Africa 17, All Black 0, 1928

The opening test match for the 1928 All Blacks tour to South Africa stood as the worst defeat the All Blacks had ever seen for over 70 years. It was the 1st test in 3 years for the New Zealand team, and this meant that everyone except 2 members of the team were playing for the 1st time, and George Nepia, the All Blacks fullback, was left behind in New Zealand thanks to his race.

3: England 38, All Blacks 21, 2012

England managed a truly astonishing performance when they beat the All Blacks with a final score of 38 – 21 at Twickenham, in the largest victory over the team from New Zealand in their test history.

Steve Hansen had to put his dreams of a perfect year to bed when the English team quickly scored 3 rapid-fire 2nd half tries thanks to Brad Barrit, Manu Tuilagi, and Chris Ashton, and these all took place in the final moments of the game, between minute 54 and minute 61.

4: Australia 26, All Blacks 10, 1980

This became a well-known win for the Australian team not just because of the margin by which they won, but because it was how they managed to defend the Bledisloe Cup for the 1st time.

Just before the 3rd test, at the Cricket Ground in Sydney, the entire All Blacks team was struck by food poisoning, and at least 5 of the players were still dealing with the effects of this on the day of the game. In fact, Gary Knight and Murray Mexted ended up having to go to hospital hours before kickoff, but decided to play anyway.

The Wallabies managed to score 4 times, while the only try that the All Blacks managed came through in the closing minutes of the test, thanks to Bernie Fraser crossing over on an overlap. This victory completed a 2 – 1 series win for the Australian team, and marked the first one that they enjoyed against the All Blacks since 1934.

5: Australia 20, All Blacks 5, 1964

The last match in a 3-test series was thought to be in the bag, thanks to the fact that the All Blacks had won in both Christchurch and Dunedin. It was also the last test for the All Blacks for that year, similarly to 2012, and this loss meant that they would not see the year out unbeaten.

sports betting

Sports Betting in New Zealand

In spite of the fact that New Zealand’s sports betting industry has been under a monopoly for some time now, there are a large number of opportunities available for online sports betting punters.

Sports betting was actually originally declared illegal from the 1920s until the Totalisator Agency Board (TAB) began their monopoly and were permitted to run pari-mutuel betting in the country and has since evolved into a huge market. However, today Kiwi punters are legally allowed to place bets with international sites that offer great odds on rugby, cricket, sailing, football, horse racing and even sheep shearing, to name a few.

Before getting started, it is imperative that punters are aware of what they need to consider, from the online sports betting industry in New Zealand to the site that they wish to join.

New Zealand Sports Betting Market

The New Zealand Racing Board (NZRB) took over TAB’s operations in 2003, bringing safe and responsible gambling regulations with it. NZRB happens to run the only online sportsbook, along with the NZ Lotteries Commission, that is permitted in the country and while there have been attempts by international sportsbooks to enter the New Zealand online sports betting market, none have been successful.

What’s more, there are no penalties for Kiwi punters that choose to do their sports betting through foreign companies, which has ultimately lead to more offshore sites adding New Zealand dollars to their list of accepted currencies. However, punters will need to consider the fact that if anything goes wrong they will more than likely be without the support of the New Zealand government.

Many Options for New Zealand Punters

Typically speaking, there are in actual fact a great deal of online sportsbooks that welcome New Zealanders to their establishments and, although it is technically illegal, they are ultimately considered under the laws that govern the land that they are based in.

Not all of these sites will offer the option to pay in New Zealand dollars, though, meaning that punters may have to wager in US dollars, Euros or an e-wallet from time to time.

When it comes to sports betting, most people will use the option to deposit using their credit cards but those looking to continue placing bets are usually encouraged to use an e-wallet in order to keep things easy when moving from sportsbook to sportsbook.

The Future of Sports Betting

It seems that the stance in New Zealand has reached something of a contradictory status, with the government not permitting any new operators to join the online sports betting while continuing to allow punters to engage in sports betting with offshore sites.

This ultimately means that as a sports bettor, one can pick from the finest online sportsbooks in all of the world, where most countries are looking to shut down international sites and keep money flowing within their borders.

Many assume that this will change in the future, though at the moment there doesn’t seem to be any efforts to change at the time being. Regardless, Kiwi punters shouldn’t face any real issues when getting in on the sports betting action.

sports bets

A Guide to Sports Bets in New Zealand

Sport and especially rugby has been a big part of New Zealand culture for a very long time, which is why it comes as no surprise that fans have looked to further invest their faith in their favourite teams. In fact, there are numerous bets placed on the national rugby team, and on every game too.

However, sports bets in New Zealand go beyond the All Blacks and their performance with the internet allowing for a gradual increase in the amount of people that have access to sports bets. In spite of the fact that gambling was prohibited in New Zealand for a long period of time, today the options are endless and online betting has meant that punters can access sites that operate outside of the borders.

Today, Kiwi punters are placing more sports bets on various events, with sailing and football proving very popular, and although they don’t partake as much as their Australian neighbour, the sports betting industry still has a significant economic impact.

Online Sports Bets in New Zealand

In New Zealand, there are only really 2 organisations that are permitted and licensed to offer online gambling to punters, with one being the Totalisator Agency Board (TAB) and the other being the New Zealand Lotteries Commission.

There are no other sportsbooks that are permitted to immerse themselves in the market, however, any form of online gambling or placing sports bet is not considered illegal, as long as it is with a bookie that operates outside of New Zealand.

Types of Sports Bets

Aside from the classic bets that are often made on the partial or the final result of a match, most of the online sportsbooks that are supported by fans of the major teams in New Zealand, including the Auckland City FC, Waitakere United and Team Wellington football teams, will offer multiple types of bets.

Due to fans taking such an interest, these sports bets include wagers on whether a team will score the first goal in the game as well as the number of goals scored by a team in a given match.

Live Sports Bets

The most competitive sportsbooks will offer New Zealanders the chance to engage in live sports bets, and will do so for the ever-popular ASB Premiership matches in order to allow punters to follow the events on their devices.

Live betting offers intense and exciting way for punters from all over the world to place sports bets while the match is in progress, which ultimately means that the betting options dramatically increase. Supported by 3 useful resources, including live scores, statistics and live streaming, live betting lets punters get a piece of the action in real time.

Placing Sports Bets

There are many important things to consider when looking to place sports bets online, and the most imperative is probably a punter’s knowledge. This is not simply referring to the need to be knowledgeable about the sport that they wish to wager on but about their money and whose hands they are going into.

Punters are encouraged to ensure that they choose a site that offers them what they are looking for but also offers service that can be relied upon. The best sites will be transparent with their accreditations and licensing and will also give punters the best in customer service, bonuses and deals and convenient banking options.

Beach Soccer

Footie in the Sand with Beach Soccer

The game of association football is perhaps one of the biggest the world has ever seen. Played by millions worldwide the game hosts the biggest tournament in sports at the moment, the FIFA World Cup. A perhaps less known variation of the game though is that of Beach Soccer, which is played over sand instead of grass. This variation of the great game chares a lot of its qualities, highlighting even more the slightly skill oriented approach to this game. Overall these competitions make for entertaining watching as well as of course some betting possibilities for the punters the world over.

Though the game of Beach Soccer is similar to its well-known counterpart there are a few rules and regulations that differ. This has a tendency to ripple down to the betting side of things so punters should note the differences intently. There is also a good deal of history that has led to the rise of this format of the game which may in fact lend advantage to the punters on the path they travel. Overall though the punters should use this information and more that they garner as they bet, to hone and refine their craft which can afford more chance at success.

A Brief History Lesson on Beach Soccer

Obviously the act of actually playing football on the beach has been around for almost as long as the game itself. However it is only since 1992 that the rules of the game of Beach Soccer have been more centralised under a single regulation body. This essentially allowed for proper leagues and tournaments to be setup in this game’s name. Before this though the game as a construct was started in Brazil and grew in popularity from there. Thanks to efforts that brought about the regulation of the game though there are presently a good number of games and events including a World Championship. Overall this game has clearly shown its worth as a sport separate even from the game it is based on.

The Particular Rules of Beach Soccer Games

With a totally different medium to play on it is not surprising that a few of the aspects of this game have adapted to accommodate this change. The most noticeable aspect perhaps of this fact is that the focus of the gameplay has tended to lean toward more acrobatic and stylish playing styles from the players involved. This means that the games are rather intense and can be high scoring and potentially unpredictable if not approached properly so this needs to be carefully researched before logging onto soccer betting sites. What this means for the punters is that they must pay particular attention to the games themselves and see what they can learn about the teams and players involved.

Further Betting Attributes to this Beach Soccer

Like any sport that involves teams of players, Beach Soccer can be a tricky focus for a betting endeavour. With many moving parts, punters should try to absorb as much of it as possible to increase their chances. This is where things can get very interesting however, since punters can affect their odds through the amount of information they gather and utilise.

Beach Rugby

Tackling in the Sand with Beach Rugby

There are some tough sports out there where the players have to be fairly strong and brave to handle what goes on in the game. Certainly one near the top of the list is the game of Rugby and all its other full contact constituents. A form of this game that is perhaps less about the scrimmage and more about the passing and running is that of Beach Rugby.

This variation of the popular game can have a variety of rules attached, in various forms. To a greater extent however the game still plays out in a similar fashion. So fans and followers of the original game will still make adept enough punters if they transition across to the betting side this game offers.

Sand can make an interesting medium to run across and allows for some rather spectacular feats of athletics that would otherwise never been attempted over something harder like grass or turf. Whilst Beach Rugby may not be as well setup and integrated as some of the other beach variants of sports games, there is still a fair bit of betting opportunity. For the punters there will be leagues and even the occasional tournament involved which means still a good deal of betting action could be found online or otherwise.

Details of Rugby Played on the Beach

Before the punters get involved on the betting side of things, it helps a lot in this field to first grow acquainted with the sport itself. This allows punters to make more informed and therefore likely bets when the time comes for it. So with regard to the game of Beach Rugby, there are actually a few things to note. Firstly the regulation based on the sport itself is not necessarily centralised to a single point of view. This is to say that of the two codes of Rugby, which is league and union, this game can and is played with both. For the punters this may be confusing at first because the two codes are played out slightly differently, however these differences will become apparent quickly.

Unique Aspects of Beach Rugby versus Traditional

Though the games of Beach Rugby share in both sides of the code, there are a few aspects that are separate even from this and included purely for this format of the game. First off there are no posts involved so the between 4 and 7 players per team score through tries alone which are commonly regarded as just a single point, sort of like a goal. The Rugby ball used is most often a size 4, slightly smaller than most other formats and the halves are in the vicinity of 5 minutes for the most part which changes the odds you’d get on rugby betting sites. Of course the field of play on the sand is also smaller than is most often seen in this game, which makes scoring a more regular event.

Some Betting Angles Open to the Punters

As is rather evident from the run through of the details about Beach Rugby, there is a lot of flexibility to be found in the makeup of the game and finer rulings. This means that punter more than ever have to do a fair bit of research into the betting involved here as they must be sure on these smaller details to help their bets. Overall though this game does seem to host some opportunity for wager or two.

Hole In One

Tee Off With Hole In One Slot

Hole In One is a 5 reel, 9 payline online slot from Amaya Gaming. It is a simple game with a few bonus features, each with a faithful golf theme.

Wagers start at 0.09, which activates all the paylines with a 0.01 wager. This can be increased manually by the player to a maximum of 45 per spin.

Hole In One has a quite low 90% theoretical return to player, but it is a fun game to play and an absolute must for golf fans.

The Golf Tournament Bonus Game

The main Hole In One slot bonus feature is a mini golf tournament. This bonus game starts when 3 of the smiling golfer bonus symbols land on adjacent slot reels.

The amount of symbols that you manage to land will determine the size of the total multiplier value. You can earn between 1 and 3 times your total win for this round.

What will happen during the Hole In One bonus round is that you will be given a selection of golf courses to pick from. Each one will award an up to 5x multiplier to your staked wager.

If you reveal the collect icon when picking any of the 12 courses the bonus round ends and you will receive your winnings.

The Good And Bad Golfer Scatter Symbols

There are two Hole In One scatter symbols. Each one is represented by a golfer. The one is an angry golfer bending his club, while the other is a happy looking golfer who clearly has made a few good shots during his game.

The Hole In One scatters are not exactly scatter symbols. In order for a win to register, the scatters must land adjacent to each other.

They will not net you any cash by enough of them simply landing on screen. These scatter symbols can pay up to 2700x your total wager but it is quite tough to land them in the correct configuration.

The Ready To Tee Wild Symbol

The golf ball in a Tee offers the biggest standard payout in the game, with a jackpot of 2500 on offer. Hole In One also uses this symbol as the wild icon.

This means that the golf ball on a tee will alter its value as required to complete a potential win. Additionally, a single wild landing on a payline will automatically earn you 2x your line wager.

Par For The Course

Hole In One slot follows its golf theme very closely on the reel symbols as well as the game play. It features playing card symbols, but each one is represented by a flag in the putting green. These symbols feature the Ace through to a 10.

These 5 symbols feature jackpot payouts starting at 50x for the 10 and ending with a 500x jackpot for the A. Jackpots are triggered by 5 of a kind lined up on a payline that is active.

For the biggest wins, you must match the golf ball symbols. One is in a sand trap and the other is in the water. Usually in Golf these situations will not be considered a good thing, but in Hole In One they can win you up to 1000x your wager.

As an additional benefit, these two symbols can offer a minimum of 2x your line wager if you land only two on a payline.

Egyptian Heroes

Egyptian Heroes Slot by NetEnt

Egyptian Heroes is a high quality online video slot game produced by Net Entertainment. The theme of this game is all about Ancient Egypt and the godlike Pharos that ruled the land. The overall look and feel of the game is very clean with a simple pyramid wall backdrop and minimalistic sound effects. The reels themselves appear translucent with the various symbols floating in space in front of the pyramid. The graphics are sharp with warm colours and smooth animation when a winning combination is achieved.

5 Reel Egyptian Slot

Egyptian Heroes is a 5-reel slot with three rows and a total of 20 paylines. Before each spin, players can set the number of paylines from 1 to 20 as well as the coin denomination from 0.01 coins up to 0.5 coins per payline. The game also features a bet level adjuster which can multiply the bet up to 10x. In terms of bonus features, the game includes Wild symbols, Scatter symbols, Free spins and an innovative Gold Bet Line Multiplier which can increase any win by up to 5x.

There are a total of five high paying symbol and five low paying symbol in the Egyptian Heroes slot game. The highest paying symbol of the game is the birdlike Egyptian god. Finding all five across the reels will pay out a maximum of 4000 coins. Next in line is the catlike god followed by the female winged god and the large god with a glowing orange face. The final god is the green Egyptian god with a crocodile face. The five lower paying symbols include the five high card symbols from 10 to ace.

Expanding Pyramid Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol in Egyptian Heroes is the image of the pyramid. When the Wild symbol appears on the reels, it can be used to substitute for any of the other symbols in order to complete a winning combination. When the Wild symbol does complete a combination, it will expand to fill an entire reel and make it easier to form even more winning combinations on the rest of the reels.

Free Spins with added Sticky and Expanding Wilds

The Scatter symbol in Egyptian Heroes is gold statue of a sphinx god. This symbol is the key to unlocking the free spins bonus round. In order to activate the free spins round, players must land 3 or more Scatter symbols anywhere on the five reels. If players land all five Scatters, the maximum number of free spins awarded is 20. During the free spins round, a sticky expanding Wild will cover the middle reel for the duration of the free spins.

The Gold Line Bet Multiplier Feature

Egyptian Heroes features a unique bonus feature called a Golden Line Bet Multiplier. This is a random line bet patters drawn from the 20 paylines that appears in gold on each spin. Each gold line has a multiplier attached from 2x up to 5x. If players manage to land a winning combination that coincides with the gold bet line multiplier, the total win will be multiplied by the bet multiplier displayed at the top of the reels at the time.


Online Sport Betting On Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing is quite an uncommon sport. Many countries don’t even consider the event a sport to begin with let alone cater to fans at brick and mortar betting shops. Luckily fans of this form of racing can fulfil all their needs with online sports betting.

Online betting offers access to sporting events that most players only dream of.

This is why online sports betting is finding more and more popularity, the vast amount of options and niche sports that they cater for. Fans of Greyhound racing from around the world can finally take part in legal betting that may not previously have been available to them.

The Major Racing Events

If you are unfamiliar with Greyhound sports betting, there are 3 tournaments to look out for. The first is an American event called Greyhound Night of Stars.

This is probably one of the biggest Greyhound racing events in the world. Not only can players place bets on the races, but you can also wager in good conscious because much of the proceeds of the event goes to the charity Greyhounds as Pets of America.

Greyhound racing can also be found in the UK at the English Derby. Easily one of the most prestigious events for racing, the English Derby has been going strong for nearly 80 years and features the very best of English racing dogs. Finally there is the Irish Derby. It is a smaller, but no less distinguished event than the English Derby.

Wagering On Single Dogs

Greyhound sport betting has a particular format that you can use to wager on events. Most sites will offer a standard selection of betting options. For single picks you have 6 basic wagers.

The first is the Straight Bet. This is a simple and popular bet where you simply pick your favourite dog to win. The site will set specific odds for each dog to win.

A Place bet is where you specifically select a dog to finish either first or second in the race. The Show bet extends this pick to include the dog finishing in the top 3 positions. You can combine these three bets into an Across The Board bet.

Pick 3 and Pick 6 are long odd bets, where you pick a winner for 3 or 6 consecutive races. This bet usually offers big rewards.

Group Betting Options

There are also group wagers that can be place in Greyhound sports betting where you make predictions on more than one dog. The straight Forecast bet has players choosing two dogs and in what order they cross the finish line. The Treble Forecasts allows 3 dogs and 3 positions. The Combination bet allows players to pick 2 to 4 dogs and their finishing order.

A Reverse Forecast has you picking two dogs, one for first and one for last place. The Superfecta bet is placed on 4 dogs and their positions.

There are many more betting options available at online sport betting sites, with many sites offering unique wagers.

Where To Play Online Sport Betting

Greyhound sports betting can be found online at sports betting sites and online casinos. Always place at licensed and reputable sites to ensure you get the best experience possible.

Also make sure that the site you want to use offers an acceptable range of currencies, security and customer service.

Grand National

The Grand National Hunt Horse Race

Every year the Grand National takes place at Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool, England. It is a national hunt horse race that first began in 1839 and is one of the most prominent horse races in British culture. The Grand National is a steeplechase race that is run over 4 000 miles and over 6 000 kilometres. There are 30 fences the horses must jump and two laps for them to go.

The Grand National fences featured on the course are much larger than usual and some have been named, along with the event as a whole, “the ultimate test of horse and rider”. Theses fences in question, famously known, are called Becher’s Brook, Canal Turn and The Chair.

This event has been televised since 1960 and has become a world-wide sensation with an estimated 500 million viewers in over 140 countries around the world. It is a popular event amongst sports bettors and is available to be bet on through the online platform.

The Grand National Online Betting

As with any type of real money risk over the online platform bettors must be sure to only use reputable and reliable online sportsbooks for all of their Grand National betting purposes. Doing this guarantees safety of personal information and banking details along with a guarantee of receiving any wins.

All sites offer new and existing bettors a variety of bonuses that can add value for money if used correctly. They may be associated with terms and conditions so it is vital to know what is expected before claiming a bonus.

The trusted sites will supply information on how to bet online as well as the odds and types of bets available for the Grand National. Basic knowledge of the odds and types of bets will help the chances of better outcomes.

Grand National Types of Bets

The types of bets that bettors may place on the Grand National are varied. They include straightforward types of bets and speciality bets. A straightforward bet is the win bet which is simply betting on the horse that will win and is also referred to as the nose bet.

An each way bet, another straightforward bet, is placing a bet on the winning horse and the placement. If the chosen horse wins then the each way bet, which is essentially two bets and doubles the stake, will pay out for both.

A place bet is the third common straightforward bet which is placing a bet on a horse and guessing where it will place. An example is, the first four horse home bet which pays out if the horse finished in any of the top four positions.

Speciality bets are common at the Grand National and can be found at many online sportsbooks. These bets are far more diverse than the straightforward bets and can almost include anything the online sportsbook can think of.

Some examples of the speciality bets at the Grand National include betting on how any of the horses will actually finish, the horses that will manage to jump the first successfully and naming the age of the winning horse amongst many others.