Beach Rugby

Tackling in the Sand with Beach Rugby

There are some tough sports out there where the players have to be fairly strong and brave to handle what goes on in the game. Certainly one near the top of the list is the game of Rugby and all its other full contact constituents. A form of this game that is perhaps less about the scrimmage and more about the passing and running is that of Beach Rugby.

This variation of the popular game can have a variety of rules attached, in various forms. To a greater extent however the game still plays out in a similar fashion. So fans and followers of the original game will still make adept enough punters if they transition across to the betting side this game offers.

Sand can make an interesting medium to run across and allows for some rather spectacular feats of athletics that would otherwise never been attempted over something harder like grass or turf. Whilst Beach Rugby may not be as well setup and integrated as some of the other beach variants of sports games, there is still a fair bit of betting opportunity. For the punters there will be leagues and even the occasional tournament involved which means still a good deal of betting action could be found online or otherwise.

Details of Rugby Played on the Beach

Before the punters get involved on the betting side of things, it helps a lot in this field to first grow acquainted with the sport itself. This allows punters to make more informed and therefore likely bets when the time comes for it. So with regard to the game of Beach Rugby, there are actually a few things to note. Firstly the regulation based on the sport itself is not necessarily centralised to a single point of view. This is to say that of the two codes of Rugby, which is league and union, this game can and is played with both. For the punters this may be confusing at first because the two codes are played out slightly differently, however these differences will become apparent quickly.

Unique Aspects of Beach Rugby versus Traditional

Though the games of Beach Rugby share in both sides of the code, there are a few aspects that are separate even from this and included purely for this format of the game. First off there are no posts involved so the between 4 and 7 players per team score through tries alone which are commonly regarded as just a single point, sort of like a goal. The Rugby ball used is most often a size 4, slightly smaller than most other formats and the halves are in the vicinity of 5 minutes for the most part which changes the odds you’d get on rugby betting sites. Of course the field of play on the sand is also smaller than is most often seen in this game, which makes scoring a more regular event.

Some Betting Angles Open to the Punters

As is rather evident from the run through of the details about Beach Rugby, there is a lot of flexibility to be found in the makeup of the game and finer rulings. This means that punter more than ever have to do a fair bit of research into the betting involved here as they must be sure on these smaller details to help their bets. Overall though this game does seem to host some opportunity for wager or two.

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