Food Fight

Straightforward Real Time Gaming Food Fight Slot

There are many slots games available online at the moment, and a fair few of these are produced and developed by Real Time Gaming group. One such creation of theirs is Food Fight slot, a rather simple slot game with a theme that is rather easy to deduce from the title itself. All about the food this 5 reel slot game only features 9 pay lines, therefore catering to a slightly lower roller, but decorates these reels and lines with some interesting symbols. The graphics and gameplay of the slot is colourful but rather dated, with the appearance definitely taking on a more classic and rustic land based slot persona.

Still, this RTG slot holds some interesting bonus features, including free spins and a Food Fight bonus game where players can throw food at targets for prizes. There is sadly no Wild symbol to be found within this slot’s features, but the game itself, especially when backed by developers like these, still holds a few inviting possibilities.

Theme Portrayal, Reel Symbols and Betting

So with a theme as on the nose as Food Fight, it isn’t half surprising to find that the reels in question are littered with different food related symbols. The backdrop shows a dirty, food-stained wall, reminiscent of most every food related barney around. RTG are a group renowned for making quality slot themes and even though this particular slot of theirs lacks all the bells and whistles that most other action slots contain, the simple and easy structure make it a fun classic slot experience. Players bored of the over the top thematically designed slots will perhaps find this slot a refreshing change of pace.

As far as specifics go regarding the slot’s symbols, this game features various different cafeteria usual suspects, those very foods famous for creating this Food Fight tradition. Though the symbols are rather basic in appearance, players will still find getting familiar with them a valuable advantage. On the reels symbols like Burgers, Pastas, Cakes and more can be found and exploited for jackpots. The highest paying of these symbols is the Cake or Pudding, and earns players that manage to land 5 across one of the nine pay lines a decent 6000 coins, so there are still wins to be won here.

Betting with a 9 pay line slot game is always a bit of a challenge, this is because it doesn’t have as much range and diversity that the usual 20 or 25 pay line slots tend toward. This means that whilst RTG did still include betting ranges to play with in this game, there are fewer combination possibilities for players to work with, so simply not as many wins or as often. However this can fairly easily be offset by the payouts and jackpots available within the game itself.

Bonus Features in Food Fight Slot

So without Wilds this section is slightly lacking, however RTG did still include a few bonuses to excite players. The first of these is the free spins, which is awarded when players complete the double scoop ice cream in the game. This is done by landing the cone, vanilla scoop and chocolate scoop anywhere on the reels together. Players can win up to 406 credits through this bonus game.

The bonus game is triggered by completing the pie on the reels, in other words the symbols of a plate, a pie and a cherry for the top. Land all these and play the Food Fight bonus game where hits win prizes and a miss ends the round. Sounds like potential for fun.