Golden Goal

Simple Soccer Themed Slot called Golden Goal

There really are so many different and unique online slot games out there that every player, no matter how did hard, can be surprised by something new. With all the potential themes, layouts, bonuses and gameplay to be explored and combined the online slot games of today seem almost unending in their possibilities. Some slots however go the opposite direction, and instead of adding more and more to the slot experience they reduce and refine the game, focusing primarily on the core factor of spin and win. This is the case with developers Play’n Go slot game Golden Goal.

Whittled down to simply a 3 reel single pay line slot, this soccer themed game has very little in the way of added extras and sticks hard and true to the basic principles of slot gaming. There is still however a small range of betting options as well as a Wild symbol which is capable of winning this game’s big progressive jackpot. So there it is, a simple slot with a big prize waiting to be spun.

Full Details on Golden Goal Slot Gameplay

The theme of this slot is perhaps the only additional feature added to this game apart from the basic reel setup. The theme of Golden Goal slot from Play’n Go is understandably the game of soccer. The name originates from the brief aspect of the game in which teams would settle draws at full time by playing an additional period in which the first team to score wins the game. This may not be a feature of modern soccer anymore but with a simple progressive slot like this one the theme is all kinds of germane. Essentially both the soccer aspect and this slot game are races to victory, with the first to hit the goal the winner. This applies directly to the progressive jackpot of this slot, which grows bigger and bigger until it is finally won and returns to the default value.

Symbols on this 3 reel single pay line slot are all soccer related so players will find the likes of a soccer boot, a golden ball, goalkeeper gloves and even the referee’s whistle. The slots graphics are basic but because of the simple layout the symbols still make for an appealing aspect. Other than this there is a mild range of betting options that range from 0.25 to 0.75 credits per spin. Betting at maximum results in a better return to player and therefore increases the chances of winning, even the progressive jackpot.

The Few Golden Goal Slot Bonus Features

Simple throughout this Golden Goal Slot game really focuses only on the spinning aspect of the slot experience. There is however the most basic of slot bonus features found in this game, the Wild symbol. This substitutes for the game’s other symbols to create winning combinations. The Wild of this game is the golden ball. Additionally this Wild also has the all important role of triggering the progressive jackpot. Line up 3 across the single pay line reels and the Jackpot is won, a potentially life changing amount just waiting behind those reel mechanics.