Grand National

The Grand National Hunt Horse Race

Every year the Grand National takes place at Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool, England. It is a national hunt horse race that first began in 1839 and is one of the most prominent horse races in British culture. The Grand National is a steeplechase race that is run over 4 000 miles and over 6 000 kilometres. There are 30 fences the horses must jump and two laps for them to go.

The Grand National fences featured on the course are much larger than usual and some have been named, along with the event as a whole, “the ultimate test of horse and rider”. Theses fences in question, famously known, are called Becher’s Brook, Canal Turn and The Chair.

This event has been televised since 1960 and has become a world-wide sensation with an estimated 500 million viewers in over 140 countries around the world. It is a popular event amongst sports bettors and is available to be bet on through the online platform.

The Grand National Online Betting

As with any type of real money risk over the online platform bettors must be sure to only use reputable and reliable online sportsbooks for all of their Grand National betting purposes. Doing this guarantees safety of personal information and banking details along with a guarantee of receiving any wins.

All sites offer new and existing bettors a variety of bonuses that can add value for money if used correctly. They may be associated with terms and conditions so it is vital to know what is expected before claiming a bonus.

The trusted sites will supply information on how to bet online as well as the odds and types of bets available for the Grand National. Basic knowledge of the odds and types of bets will help the chances of better outcomes.

Grand National Types of Bets

The types of bets that bettors may place on the Grand National are varied. They include straightforward types of bets and speciality bets. A straightforward bet is the win bet which is simply betting on the horse that will win and is also referred to as the nose bet.

An each way bet, another straightforward bet, is placing a bet on the winning horse and the placement. If the chosen horse wins then the each way bet, which is essentially two bets and doubles the stake, will pay out for both.

A place bet is the third common straightforward bet which is placing a bet on a horse and guessing where it will place. An example is, the first four horse home bet which pays out if the horse finished in any of the top four positions.

Speciality bets are common at the Grand National and can be found at many online sportsbooks. These bets are far more diverse than the straightforward bets and can almost include anything the online sportsbook can think of.

Some examples of the speciality bets at the Grand National include betting on how any of the horses will actually finish, the horses that will manage to jump the first successfully and naming the age of the winning horse amongst many others.

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