Online Sport Betting On Greyhound Racing

Greyhound racing is quite an uncommon sport. Many countries don’t even consider the event a sport to begin with let alone cater to fans at brick and mortar betting shops. Luckily fans of this form of racing can fulfil all their needs with online sports betting.

Online betting offers access to sporting events that most players only dream of.

This is why online sports betting is finding more and more popularity, the vast amount of options and niche sports that they cater for. Fans of Greyhound racing from around the world can finally take part in legal betting that may not previously have been available to them.

The Major Racing Events

If you are unfamiliar with Greyhound sports betting, there are 3 tournaments to look out for. The first is an American event called Greyhound Night of Stars.

This is probably one of the biggest Greyhound racing events in the world. Not only can players place bets on the races, but you can also wager in good conscious because much of the proceeds of the event goes to the charity Greyhounds as Pets of America.

Greyhound racing can also be found in the UK at the English Derby. Easily one of the most prestigious events for racing, the English Derby has been going strong for nearly 80 years and features the very best of English racing dogs. Finally there is the Irish Derby. It is a smaller, but no less distinguished event than the English Derby.

Wagering On Single Dogs

Greyhound sport betting has a particular format that you can use to wager on events. Most sites will offer a standard selection of betting options. For single picks you have 6 basic wagers.

The first is the Straight Bet. This is a simple and popular bet where you simply pick your favourite dog to win. The site will set specific odds for each dog to win.

A Place bet is where you specifically select a dog to finish either first or second in the race. The Show bet extends this pick to include the dog finishing in the top 3 positions. You can combine these three bets into an Across The Board bet.

Pick 3 and Pick 6 are long odd bets, where you pick a winner for 3 or 6 consecutive races. This bet usually offers big rewards.

Group Betting Options

There are also group wagers that can be place in Greyhound sports betting where you make predictions on more than one dog. The straight Forecast bet has players choosing two dogs and in what order they cross the finish line. The Treble Forecasts allows 3 dogs and 3 positions. The Combination bet allows players to pick 2 to 4 dogs and their finishing order.

A Reverse Forecast has you picking two dogs, one for first and one for last place. The Superfecta bet is placed on 4 dogs and their positions.

There are many more betting options available at online sport betting sites, with many sites offering unique wagers.

Where To Play Online Sport Betting

Greyhound sports betting can be found online at sports betting sites and online casinos. Always place at licensed and reputable sites to ensure you get the best experience possible.

Also make sure that the site you want to use offers an acceptable range of currencies, security and customer service.

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