Online bingo no deposit bonus

Benefits Of Online Bingo No Deposit Bonus

As one of the largest industries out there, online casinos certainly have a lot to offer players. They are filled with some of the most exciting games of chance around, including the likes of poker, blackjack, baccarat and slots games. And while all of these games may be incredibly popular amongst players, many players love to go back to the simpler games from time to time, as they can provide plenty of uncomplicated fun.

This is evident in online bingo no deposit bonus. With a game as classic as this one, players are never in short supply. Below, you can take a closer look at what exactly this game has to offer and the benefits that come with that.

Plenty Of Variations Are Available

Because bingo has been around for so long, plenty of variations are now available, as online casino game developers are constantly striving to be able to set themselves apart from their competitors. This means that whenever a player is looking to indulge in an online bingo no deposit bonus game or two, they are likely to have plenty of different kinds of this game to choose from. In other words, players can test the waters to get a feel for the variation of bingo that they want to play.

You Can Play The Game From Anywhere

When it comes to online bingo no deposit bonus, players are able to play the game that they love so much from absolutely anywhere. All that they need is a stable Internet connection, which in other words, means that just as long as their mobile or laptop device is working, players will have full access to this game at all times. So whether they may be standing in a queue somewhere, or commuting on a bus or train before or after work, they will be able to access a few games of bingo to make the journey that much more enjoyable.

Play In Tournaments From Time To Time

In the world of online bingo no deposit bonus games, there are quite a few players who take the game incredibly seriously. And even if they aren’t playing for real money, it is still possible to have plenty of fun playing. From time to time, players will be able to enjoy a tournament.

Here, it is likely that they will play against some of the best players out there. Not only do tournaments give players a great chance to meet and interact with other players online, it also provides ample opportunity for players to test out and refine their skills and strategies.

At the end of the day, online bingo no deposit bonus makes for a great way for avid bingo players to be able to enjoy a wide selection of varieties of their favourite game. Furthermore, the fact that these kinds of games are 100% mobile means that players can access them at any time of the day or night and spend several hours enjoying what’s on offer.

New York lottery

A Brief History Of New York Lottery

Over the past few years, several different kinds of gambling have emerged, some of which are undoubtedly more popular than others. Some games, like poker and blackjack, require a fair bit of strategic thinking on the part of the player, as well as plenty of dedication throughout the game.

Other forms, such as the New York lottery, on the other hand, require far less strategy than that of their table game counterparts. In fact, all players have to do is select a random grouping of numbers and hope that it matches the numbers drawn in order to win large sums of money. Oftentimes, this money amounts to millions of dollars. For a brief history of how this specific lottery came to be, have a look below.

Uses For Lottery Funds

The whole concept of lotteries has already been around for several centuries. They were designed not only as a means of giving players an opportunity to win big, but also as a means for money to be raised. For example, before the turn of the 20th Century, what is now known as the New York lottery was used to fund non-educational projects.

The funds raised from lotteries within the city have been used for a whole host of historical projects, including the New York City Hall, roads, bridges and ferries. Furthermore, the lottery is also credited for helping to build non-public projects, including helping to enhance the city’s manufacturing industries.

A Government-Run Lottery

In November of 1966, 60% of voters elected to have a government-run lottery. It was at this stage that the New York lottery moved from being in place to generate both public and educational funds to one that focuses solely on bettering the education system.

New York Lottery Logo

For this specific reason, New York’s Department of Taxation and Finance has a segment dedicated entirely to ensuring that the lottery’s revenue goes to the right place. Once the lottery launched as a means of raising money for education, the slogan “Your chance of a lifetime to help education” was used. To date, this lottery has raised over $34 billion towards the revenue required to educate scholars.

A Greater Selection

While the New York Lottery is not likely to become unpopular, certain measures have been taken to ensure that players stay entertained and dedicated. One such measure is through the introduction of instant games like scratch cards. Of course, the lottery is incredibly exciting as it is unpredictable, but these scratch card games quickly amassed a following of their own. The payouts of the cards might not be as lucrative as that of the lottery, but many players would prefer to have a game that provides instant satisfaction over one that requires them to wait until a draw. On the other hand, of course, there are also plenty of players who would love to play both.

All in all, the New York lottery makes for an incredibly exciting game of chance to get involved with as it has plenty to offer its players.

Mobile online slots games

The Joys Of Mobile Online Slots Games

The world of entertainment has several different branches to it. One of these branches is that of casinos. They have been around for several centuries already and have evolved significantly over time. These days, instead of going into a traditional casino, players can simply access a casino and the wealth of games that will undoubtedly come with it from their mobile phones and devices. What’s more is that apart from the convenience factor, there are plenty of exciting mobile online slots games available for players to enjoy. All in all, mobile online slots games don’t just make for a fun and exciting form of entertainment, they also have plenty of other perks attached to them, many of which are detailed below.

Play When You Want, Where You Want

One of the greatest things about mobile online slots games is the fact that they are incredibly accessible. No matter what time of the day or night you wish to play, you will be able to access all of the games that you love. Furthermore, because your device will need nothing more than an internet connection in order to bring you a world of games, you will be able to play all of your favourite online slot games from the comfort of your own home, or even as you sit in a coffee shop waiting for your order or on the bus home from work.

Supreme Security At All Times

In the world of mobile online slots games, security is just as important as it would be at a traditional casino.

Online casinos strive to ensure that when their players settle down to enjoy a game or two, they are absolutely secure in the fact that all of their personal information is as protected as possible. This is done through a number of internationally adopted security measures, including the likes of password protected logins and encryption.

A World Of Exciting Games

Because the world of mobile online slots games is so incredibly competitive, the developers of these games often strive to create nothing less than the absolute best. They need to be able to stay ahead of their competitors and separate themselves from the multitude of other games and developers out there. For this reason, the market is flooded with an exciting array of games for players to enjoy. Not only does this mean that a player will be able to enjoy a wider choice and variety, it also means that whenever they start to grow tired of one game, they will immediately have something new and no doubt, equally exciting, to try out.

When it comes to mobile online slots games, players certainly do have plenty to look forward to. With an incredibly wide range to choose from, as well as unbridled security measures and the ability to access and play games from wherever they may be at any time of the day or night, almost every experience playing these kinds of games is sure to be a fun one!

Mega Moolah

Microgaming’s Progressive Jackpot Slot Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is one of Microgaming’s best and most popular slot games as it not only incorporates a fair few unique features but it also holds 4 progressive jackpots that can literally make players millionaires. Setup as a penny slot this game is ultimately targeted toward players of most financial standings, enabling a broad reach. The theme of this slot game is safari based, with many of the animals of this domain surfacing on the reels.

The gameplay is well designed and easy to integrate with and the slot’s graphics are quite decent. Otherwise this is a 5 reel game with 25 pay lines and a large number of coins available to bet with making the penny slot angle easier to manage. As far as bonus features go the main ones are the 4 progressive jackpots that are triggered randomly while playing. There is also a Wild symbol to play with and some free spins to be won, which really rounds off the Mega Moolah experience well.

Theme Indulgence and Mega Moolah Gameplay

See most slots these days have integrated their game with a particular theme, to help set a tone, target audiences as well as generally improving the immersive experience. The theme of this slot game is one of safari adventure, as demonstrated by the list of available animals on the reels. In classic Microgaming fashion this theme is accompanied by an appealing backdrop, as well as appropriate sound effects that draw the player’s attention toward notable events on the reels.

The reels themselves in Mega Moolah slot are rather quite appealing, with different types of animals creating the available pay table. Some of the symbols players will encounter include Giraffes, Zebras, Lions, Elephants, Monkeys and more, each done up in a slightly cartoonish fashion. The highest paying symbol here is the Lion, which is also the Wild symbol, and can boast a top jackpot of 15000 coins.

Mega Moolah Bonuses and Progressive Jackpots

With a slot that holds 4 different progressive jackpots there is almost no need for additional bonus features, however Microgaming are a determined bunch and have opted for more. First off is the Wild symbol, which is the aforementioned Lion symbol, and can help form combinations through its ability to transform into any game symbol. On top of this, and the Jackpot this symbols leads to, the Wild also awards a 2 times multiplier to any combinations involved with.

The free spins feature is triggered through the Monkey Scatter symbol and rewards 15 free spins when 3 or more land on the reels. In addition to the free spins, wins won during this feature are tripled.

Finally we have the progressive jackpots, which are triggered randomly during the game. The higher the bet size the more likely the chance. When triggered this feature transports the player to a screen with a prize wheel, with the different jackpots listed within. The top jackpot lies above a million and resets to this size as well, meaning mega wins in this Mega Moolah slot game.

Lucky Leprechauns Loot

Luck and Irish Themed Lucky Leprechauns Loot

It is almost funny how media and popular culture has branded certain aspects of the world with certain others. One such example is that of Luck and the Irish, a combination that has heralded the likes of Leprechauns and Rainbows with pots of gold at the end. How it came to be is rather immaterial however, what matters here is that it is so and more importantly that it is the theme of this particular slot from Microgaming.

Lucky Leprechauns Loot has a great name to begin with, incorporating most every aspect of this slot into 3 simple words. The Irish theme works well in conjunction with the other thematic aspects involved like the symbols and sound effects. Both of which are very pro Irish. There is of course also a few bonuses, to spice up the base game and its jackpots.

Lucky Theme Choice and Reel Symbols

The ever-present aspect of lady luck is one that is constantly on the mind of players having a wager and so to incorporate it into a slot game is often a good move. Certainly one of the more popular of the slot machine themes, this is Microgaming’s attempt to employ something unique toward it. The backdrop shows a wide-open farmland with a big, colourful rainbow along the horizon. The rainbow has a very deliberate end to it in the backdrop suggesting towards the pot of gold undoubtedly waiting at the end.

The game symbols in Lucky Leprechauns Loot are understandably mostly luck and Irish related with the likes of Leprechauns, Irish Moccasins, bags of clover emblazoned coins and even a wishing well. There is also a range of playing card symbols, all done up in bright colours, that litter the reels for the lower valued wins.

The betting standard that is brought forth by Microgaming seems pretty solid in this slot once again, with a decent range of coin denomination and then number of coins. The 5 reels and 50 adjustable pay lines handles the rest of the betting aspects, and therefore enables players considerable depth.

Lucky Bonuses Included in this Slot

Lucky Leprechauns Loot is clearly quite well developed and laid out, competing with some of the very best Irish luck themed slots out there. The bonus features included therein also improve the situation and make for a generally more exciting affair. One such bonus feature is the Wild, which is the Golden Coin with a clover on it. This symbol can substitute as other symbols to help create additional winning combinations.

The Scatter bonus in this game is where things really get interesting and where players can find the free spins aspect of this slot. Represented by the Leprechaun symbol this Scatter triggers free spins and depending on how many Scatter symbols trigger it result in the number of free spins awarded, with the maximum of 25 for 5 symbols on the reels. These spins come included with a 3 times multiplier on wins during and so can actually be potentially lucrative. After these spins players can cash out, redo the free spins over or get a multiplier involved starting 2 times.

Leagues Of Fortune

Under the Water in Leagues Of Fortune

Considering that more of the moon has been discovered than that of our own oceans means that a lot of mystery revolves around the underwater world around us. Taking advantage of this mystery as well as the many pop culture references toward undersea adventure, top gaming developers Microgaming have created Leagues Of Fortune underwater themed slot game.

Understandably this slot features many aspects revolving around that of the deep blue, with Microgaming’s attention to detail attributing toward all the slot game aspects possible. This is why players will encounter a fully themed selection of symbols on the reels, backdrops and sound effects that transport them through an underwater adventure and even germane bonus features. The latter involves Wild symbols with multipliers, free spins and even the player’s favourite, the gamble feature.

Diving into Leagues Of Fortune Slot Details

Set underwater, Leagues Of Fortune is largely coloured a dark blue, with the backdrop simply displaying a deep underwater scene. The sound effects reflect the theme as well and in so doing also add more to the spinning process by highlighting and drawing attention toward events on the reels. Speaking of the reels, there are 5 of them available in this slot game with an impressive 1024 ways to win over the usual pay line system. This 1024 ways to win method enables players a lot more frequent wins but usually at the cost of larger wins.

There are still some lucrative symbols to be discovered, and again these are attuned rather nicely to the slot’s overall theme. On the reels here players will encounter symbols like Divers, Squids, Treasure chests and even a Sea Captain. Add to this the playing cards 10 through Ace and players will find themselves setup with a full selection of different and rewarding symbols.

Betting with Leagues Of Fortune is also worth a side note as, in classic Microgaming style, this slot game features a fairly extended betting selection. Here players can choose from the number of coins to bet and down to the size of each coin. Additionally this slot includes the gamble feature, which enables players to place a double or nothing wager on the wins from each spin. Guess correctly and players double their winnings and can then either take their prize or gamble again.

Bonuses Beneath the Surface

As far as the slot goes, Leagues Of Fortune is pretty solid, but a few bonuses always make for some additional excitement. Fortunately there are a couple of bonuses to play with here. First off is the Wild symbol, appearing stacked this symbol also switches for game symbols to contribute to win forming. It is represented by the slot’s namesake symbol.

The Scatter symbol is the treasure chest in this slot and awards free spins and multipliers. Land 3 or more of these symbols anywhere to awaken the Squid who will gauge the prize available. Simple but effective, these bonus features just add to the overall experience created by Leagues Of Fortune slot.

John Wayne

John Wayne, the Legendary American Cowboy

Playtech have an interesting tendency to model their slot machines on well-known and recognisable figures. Other examples include Rocky, Elektra and Superman slots games. In this case it is the legendary movie star John Wayne, and all the western style association that people have remembering this movie star. The slot machine itself is a 5 reels and 25 paylines machine and is, as discussed, a Playtech software generation. The game is thematically adroit, and has a memory generating western movie soundtrack, cowboy imagery and a sheriffs badge sports John Waynes’ famous moniker The Duke. The graphics are suitably adjusted and aged to provide the correct retro-movie effect.

A Versatile and Notable Slot Machine

The wagering levels in John Wayne slots are widely adjustable, both in terms of coin denominations available and the amount able to be staked on each payline. The minimum bet per spin on John Wayne slots is therefore merely 0.25 coins, whereas the maximum stake can be as high as 125 coins per spin.

One of the stand-out symbols on the reels is the Duke’s Badge. Landing three of these symbols on an activated payline triggers the Duke’s badge feature. During this feature, players are rewarded with a payout that is several times their betting stake. This ranges from a reward 4 times the stake up to 120 times the stake by landing five of these Duke badges on an active payline.

The Objectives of the Game

The primary financial gain objective in John Wayne slots game is the John Wayne’s Ranch Bonus feature. This feature can be activated by landing the Ranch Bonus symbols that are available on reels 1, 3 and 5. Players landing these symbols immediately receive 3 free spins and a basic multiplier. Taken immediately to a second screen game where the aim is to shoot up to six cans as targets. Hitting any of the cans reveals a number of bonuses that make the game rather lucrative indeed. These bonuses could be an increase in the winnings multiplier effect, additional free spins, additional cans to shoot, the re-triggering of the free spins feature as well as an additional, and random Wild or Scatter symbol. All of these are clearly going to enhance the winnings quite dramatically.

Maintaining the Legend

John Wayne slots game emphasises this ranch Bonus feature, and during the feature runs a ‘can meter’ indicator that shows the player the number of cans still available to be shot. The maximum benefit that players can achieve during this outstanding feature are 40 free games and a 5x multiplier. This will inevitably lead to major winning totals and hence the attraction of this game.

John Wayne was a truly iconic cowboy actor and a true founder of Hollywood as we know it today. Despite his passing on, John Wayne will always be revered due to his huge volume of Western movies, and the tough guy image he projected. This slot machine pays due homage to this film star, and the graphics, soundtrack and high game volatility all contribute positively in propagating this legendary character. Playtech’s version may not be the only John Wayne slot machine, but it is certainly the most popular and has the highest win rate.

iPhone Online Boule

Enter iPhone Online Boule

When the internet started gathering momentum, and casinos realised the awesome possibility of providing online casino play, the objective of the new online casino industry was to provide a virtual casino playing experience that was indistinguishable as possible from the games on offer at brick and mortar casinos. Now, online casino play has given way to mobile casino play and the objective has certainly begun to change. Today, the onus is on gamification, and everything must be the format of a game.

To understand the meaning of iPhone Online Boule, first we must understand the implications of the mobile revolution. Game developers quickly realised that people were spending inordinate amounts of time on their early generation cell phones playing games like Soduku and Snake. The smartphone came about really to enhance the game playing ability of the cell phone, and the vision that Apple introduced with the incredible iPhone in 2007. Touch-screen capabilities, HD quality screens and internet access really served to take the idea of having a perfect game-playing device in your pocket to the next level.

A Wave of Apple Devices

The computing power that Apple brought to the party in the form of the iPhone almost inevitably developed a range of games that were then immediately available on mobile. Whilst acknowledging that the propensity and need to gamble was large, no longer was it deemed necessary to copy or utilise the standard casino games that online and mobile play had gotten used to. A fresh range of prospective money-winning games began evolving, this time in the direction of the insanely popular first person game play.

The New Casino Games

Casino games, in the form of first person game play, is now a thing. Thanks to games like iPhone Online Boule, a new genre of casino game is emerging. The players at online casinos are younger than ever before, and their influencers are changing. Influenced more by television and cartoon series, modern casino players are enthralled with the idea of being able to play cartoon characters for money. Now, obviously ideal on iPhone, online Boule, Ben 10 Ultimate Force and Rogue Soul are just three of these pioneering games. In the case of iPhone online Boule, the cartoon characters and the series it is based on is called Boule and Bill. It is an action-style cartoon series, and the game dutifully follows suit. As player, one plays this game in the form of Boule, a plucky cartoon character. Players, as Boule, then face a range of tasks that they need to complete. As they dodge flying objects coming their way, and work their way around obstacles blocking their path, players collect and accumulate money. Failure to accomplish the task, on the other hand, costs money. Proficiency at the game then obviously allows players to accumulate substantial amounts. Always accompanied by striking actions and functionality on the iPhone, online boule has become remarkably popular due to some intricate and challenging play.

Smartphone is a Gamephone

The line between casino, or money games, and entertainment games is becoming ever more indistinct. The gaming device everyone now carries in their pocket that is rather optimistically called a smartphone, is simply leading a far broader movement towards gamification of everything possible.

In It To Win It

In It to Win It Lottery Slogan

When video slots start selling the so-called American dream of fame and riches is when you get In It To Win It slot machine. The implication on Microgamings slots game is the unbridled riches that await any lottery winner. In It To Win It boasts 100 paylines and the chance to win up to 25 Free Games. The slots game features a surprise Wild symbol and a Bonus game where players get to choose a briefcase with untold wealth in terms of free games.

A Simple Slots Game

The reels symbols on In It To Win It slot machine are all the treasures that obscene wealth provides, like a solid money clip, a vintage sports car, and private jet. The settings on the machine are broad, as Microgaming’s products are wont to be. The coin denomination range goes from 0.05 to 5 coins, and with 100 paylines, this translates to a 500 coins wager maximum per spin. However, should the player so wish, plenty of In It To Win It slots can also be played on a shoestring budget.

The Scatter symbol in In It To Win It slots is the picture of the urbane, obviously wealthy man, whose arrival on the reels in pairs or more completes a winning scatter combination. The payout on this win is multiplied by the number of coins wagered on the spin. It is therefore also a good argument for playing with the maximum number of coins on each spin, because that also offers the player the best statistical odds. Scatter wins are awarded over and above any regular wins.

The Important Scatter Symbol

One of the most noticeable features with respect to the Scatter symbol is that it triggers the Free Spins bonus game. Three or more Urbane Gentleman Scatter symbols, and suddenly there will be a Free Spins bonus game. Four briefcases are presented, each with a different number of Free Spins inside. Players must select a particular briefcase, and make the most of what they are given.

Since In It To Win It slots basic game features no Wild, and the only way to really strike it rich is via the Scatter symbols. Fortunately the design of the machines is such that there are a limited number of symbols on the reels, making regular wins the norm. In order to make the most of this game, aim to land the maximum amount of Scatter symbols, but more than three. In the briefcases are 10, 15, 20 or 25 free spins. Included in the briefcase one of the reel symbols.

The symbol in the briefcase indicates which of the symbols will become wild during the free spins. It is only at this time that In It To Win It slots has a Wild symbol. The selected Wild symbol receives a ring of fire to identify it as a Wild symbol.

Improving Gambling Odds

Another aspect of In It To Win It slots game, and a common theme in all Microgaming slots, is the option of the Gamble feature. After each win, players are given the option of doubling their money or handing it back to the casino. If they choose to try their luck, they select the colour of a face-down card. When turned over, if the card reveals that they guessed correctly the win is doubled. If not, the win will vanish.

Hidden Valley

Hunt for Shangri-La in Hidden Valley Slot

This is an adventure themed slot set in the snowy mountains of the Himalayas and features several travellers in search of this famous mythical lost land. Deserving of the title Hidden Valley this is a slot game developed by Quickspin and intended to appeal to the adventurous side of players. Featuring a bright setup and display this slot incorporates a vivid backdrop and some appropriate sound effects to go alongside the spinning of the reels.

The reels are rather unique in this slot, with reels 1 and 5 adoption a row shorter design, so that while the other reels hold up to 4 symbols the ones on either end hold only 3. As far as bonuses go this Quickspin slot game features Wilds and multipliers as well as an extensive free spins feature. It may be time for the adventurous to step up to the plate.

Hidden Valley Theme Design and Symbols

With any slot game centred on adventure and discovery the imagery and visual effects need to be decent, and offer enough surrealism to transport the players into said adventure. Such immersion may be asking too much from a slot game but still this Hidden Valley slot game affords quite a few thematically driven aspects. The backdrop of the snowy mountains makes for a rather ethereal view of the reels, especially when coupled with the slightly ridiculous looking adventurer symbols.

Apart from the adventurers on the reels, which consists of both male and female protagonists and hold the highest value of the base game symbols, there is also a selection of playing card symbols, which make up the lower wins on the reels. The remaining symbols are the bonus ones that lead to free spins and multipliers.

Bonuses Found in Hidden Valley Slot

While this Hidden Valley slot game has proven to be quite drawn toward the thematic side of things, developers Quickspin have also taken the time to incorporate a few additional bonus features to their slot game to make the whole experience something a little more exciting. One of these said bonuses comes in the form of the slot favourite the Wild symbol. This Wild however is unique in the fact that players before each spin can set the range of multiplier available, increasing their bet for higher ranges. The Wilds then not only substitute for other symbols in the game but also award a multiplier from within the demarcated range.

The Scatter bonus is represented through the bonus symbol on the reels and triggers the free spins feature when 3 or more are hit on the middle 3 reels. This then takes players to the Hidden Valley bonus round where they spin a wheel with prizes on the outside and inside reels. The outer reel of this wheel potentially turns another of the game symbols Wild for the free spins, while the inner reel awards the number of free spins. Overall this makes for a rather unique presentation of a few of the more common slot bonus features around.