Strategies for playing Slot Machines

You have probably heard everyone say that there is no strategy for playing the slots, but I can tell you that is completely wrong. If you want really want to make some money playing slots online or offline, then you should keep reading. Honestly, I won a $1700 in one night using this strategy at an offline casino and have also won some online using the same method. Of course, it is a bit of work if you are at an offline casino but if you want to walk out of the casino with more than when you walked through the doors, I would suggest at least trying this method.


Online or offline, only hit one coin and let the slot spin. A good machine that is paying out will either hit on the 3rd, 5th, 7th, or 11th spin. Some will also hit on the 4th, 8th, or 10th spin. If the machine does not hit, leave and find another one to try. When you find one that does hit, keep playing one or two coins until you figure out the pattern. One machine will hit on 3, then on 7, and then on 5 or various combinations of these numbers. Do not worry if all of a sudden the machine hits on a different number than normal, that does happen but that means it is going back to its sequence again.


If the machine does not hit by the 10th or 11th spin, you may be in for a dry spell. This is when you must decide if the amount of money you have won on this machine is worth the wait. In many cases, you may only be hitting cherries or whatever is the smallest amount to win. If so, then I would move on. When you start hitting larger winning combinations, you may want to stick with that machine through its dry spell which should never go past 27 spins.


Once you notice the spins the machine usually hits on, then you should hit the max on that spin. Let’s say you are playing one quarter and the machine has hit on every third or fifth spin every time, even though it was just cherries. Well, I would hit the max spin button on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th spin. If the machine did not hit, I would go back to 1 quarter and count again.


Each machine does have a certain way it hits and gives you more money. The only problem is that most people will sit at the machine and spend $100 or more and just keep losing their money. If you get up when you can tell from counting that you are only going to win 5 or 20 coins, then it is time to move to another machine. You may be surprised at just how much you can actually win by switching machines and walking all over the casino using this method. Not sure if this method works on penny machines as I have not found a method that works with penny machines yet.

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