Witches Wealth

A Closer Look At Witches Wealth Slot

The world of online casinos is an incredibly exciting one filled with plenty of different games. However, one particular kind of game is just as popular now as they were all those years ago.

Online slots games were designed to be quick and easy to play so that players can log on and within a matter of minutes  and be well on their way to making themselves a pretty penny on the reels. This is particularly evident in games like Witches Wealth. This mystical game has plenty to offer those who play it, some of which is detailed below.

The Graphics

Witches Wealth has some excellent graphics. The entire slot game is designed against a deep blue background and is filled with a wide variety of imagery, all of which makes it feel as though players have stepped into another world. Furthermore, this game has some fantastic symbols, which certainly help when it comes to creating another world inhabited by witches.

These symbols include the likes of a jar filled with eyeballs, an owl, plenty of spell books, some vials and a golden cup. Of course, this game also has its fair share of bonus symbols. The witch, Serena, serves as the wild, while the cat, Mr Twinkles, serves as the bonus symbol. Finally, whenever players manage to spin the symbol of the bat, they will have found the scatter symbol.

Bonus Features

No online slot game would be complete without some excellent bonus features, and Witches Wealth is certainly no exception to this rule. This game has two bonus features hidden within it, and all players need to do in order to activate the game is to spin either three, four or five symbols of Mr Twinkles the cat.

The first bonus feature that players can expect from Witches Wealth is that of the Spinning Wand Bonus. By spinning three or four cat symbols, players will be redirected to this mini game. Here, they will need to press the ‘start’ button and then spin the wand. This will result in a prize amount being awarded. After this, players will either return to the main game or they will be further redirected to the second bonus game.

The Flying Rescue Bonus, which is also offered on Witches Wealth, can either be accessed through the first bonus game, as mentioned above, or by landing five cat symbols in a single spin. Here, players will need to help Serena the witch fly and rescue Mr Twinkles the cat and get him home safely. Serena will be located on the balcony at the left hand side of the screen, while Mr Twinkles is on the right. Once she has the cat in her hands, Serena then has to fly and dodge plenty of heavy objects in the way, including the likes of pianos and clocks. The further along a player is able to help her get across, the higher their total prize money will be.

As far as slot games go, Witches Wealth is an incredibly exciting one that offers plenty of potential to win big.